“Antics is a delight to watch and amazes me anew each time they perform at the Skirball.”
- Michael Fritzen, Skirball Cultural Center

“Everyone in our audience had a great time. You really stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.” 
- Adam Davis, LA County Arts Commission 

“Fabulous show!”
-Jamie Nichols, producer Celebrate Dance

“Antics put on an incredibly dynamic and thought-provoking performance last night!”
-Erica Angarano, Ford Theatres

“Thanks so much for a great performance and outreach class in Kent. It truly was a pleasure to work with you and all of your dancers. Please pass my thanks along to each of them.”
-Ronda Billerbeck, Kent-Meridian Performing Arts Center
“Excellent, vibrant and brilliantly directed show. We enjoyed every minute!”
-Linda Yudin, Vivir Brasil

“I would like to congratulate you on a spectacular performance on Sunday. I am 56, so hiphop and breaking is not my dance or music of choice, but I try to keep my antenna out about dance in LA and have been fascinated with breaking, hip hop, krumping etc as cultural folkdances that are growing and developing into art forms with a broader, more universal base. I see a lot of dance, and the quality of your dancers and choreography was impressive. The dance films that you integrated so well were also great, in a genre of so many questionable films.  Keep going--it is never easy but you are doing really good work!”
-Diane De Franco Browne, Los Angeles Trade Technical College

“It's so far removed from anything in our experience, and it was WONDERFUL.  I cannot understand how those dancers can get their bodies to do what they do without injuring themselves. The rap was perfect for the show; breaks up the dancing and adds another dimension.  Thank you for exposing us to such an exciting art form!”
-Janine Quint

“I didn't know humans could do most of that.”
-Dave McMAnus, Zumiez 

“Each number was beautifully choreographed, costumed, and performed.  I am SO impressed with the talent, skill, strength, grace and discipline that every performer demonstrated.  And I was delighted to see you had a full house!”
-Janet V. Elliott, Community Partners

“It will be a long time before we stop talking about Breaking the Cypher.  It was totally captivating from start to finish.  We were all -- as was everyone in the audience - buzzed by the show's energy. It was palpable.  It was perfectly professional. We are in awe of the talents and physical strength of every performer.”
-Candy Hirsch


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