Dancing Hip-Hop connects us to a deep inner source of strength and joyfulness that sustains us through life’s challenges.  It teaches us to be playful, creative, and courageous in expressing our ideas and emotions. Hip-Hop culture emerged  as an inspired response to socio-economic marginalization and as such has much to teach us about the power of self-expression and imagination to transform lives. In Antics work, we cultivate courage, creativity, and authentic expression through high-energy, funky, and rhythmic movement.  At the core of hip-hop dance lies the ability to express emotions through movement and to draw upon our own experiences as a wellspring of limitless movement possibilities. Antics is committed to uplifting our community through residencies, workshops, and special events.


“Each One Teach One” is a core tenet of Hip-Hop Culture. Antics strives to share our knowledge and skills with all who want to learn, while at the same time we seek to expand our experience by learning from everyone with whom we work. Antics engages in a wide range of community building activities from teaching hip-hop dance classes to all ages and abilities, to setting choreography on groups of students, to guiding young people through the process of creating their own choreography. Every project is unique and we look forward to collaborating with schools and organizations to build a creative hip-hop dance experience that inspires and engages.

Antics company members teach all styles of street dance (hip-hop, bboying/bgirling, locking, popping, waacking, freestyle, house, krump, and capoeira) as well as choreography, acrobatic movement, yoga, arts activism, social media marketing, and dance film-making.

In Antics dance workshops, participants learn the unique body language of hip-hop. While learning to perform hip-hop dance moves and street dance techniques, participants also learn about the culture, traditions, and history of the hip-hop movement. We emphasize the power of these artistic practices to empower and uplift individuals and communities.  

We move, shake, and sweat with attitude.  We learn hip-hop choreography and also develop our improvisational street dance skills (freestyling). Workshops can be designed to accommodate the whole family, for all ages and experience levels, or they can be targeted towards beginner, intermediate, or advanced students of a specific age range.  Class sessions begin and end with stretching movements designed to prepare and condition the body for the athletic movements of street dance.

Antics is available for performances in theaters, festival performances, street shows, school shows, corporate events, private parties, special events, pop-up performances, dance battles, residencies, master classes, and workshops. Contact us today to find out how we can work with you!