On Sneaker Suites

Rachel Levin

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“Using a pastiche of solos and group numbers, film, text, and spoken-word poetry, the clever and well-executed "Sneaker Suites" (directed by Antics' artistic director Amy "Catfox" Campion) called attention to the myriad ways in which sneakers are in fact their own energetic force within hip hop. The show demonstrated that beyond their mere functionality as footwear, sneakers can signify style and self-esteem, resistance to poverty and oppression based on race and gender, and cultural appropriation from the streets to the masses—much like hip hop itself.”
“Windmills, acrobatic back-flips, and uprock that oozed attitude were some of the dazzling dance feats on display among this talented group of performers.”

Jessi Loerch

Independent Writer

“Sneakers are a metaphor for hopes and dreams and the entire breaking culture. With a mix of spoken word, dance, video and photos, Sneaker Suites tells the story of sneakers. Some stories are those of power and hope. Some are of marginalization and discrimination.”



On Illuminated

Jean Lenihan

Los Angeles Times

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“The vision for ancient myths has been owned for decades by the ferocious Martha Graham… Yet Campion, seized a piece of that sacred territory with the debut of ‘Illuminated Manuscript.’” 
“The performers displayed such control over and engagement with their bodies, they were able to use spins and locking to convey everything from grief to animalism to wisdom.  All the leads were right, and the crucial duets were tender and fierce.” 
Ernest Kearney

Working Author
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“It is somehow fitting that the most primitive narrative of our past should find such a perfect fusion in the rawness of hip hop… Campion and the Antics Company exhibit artistry and imagination in incorporating all styles and flavors of this uniquely American dance form in a dazzling demonstration of how slim a distance 4,000 years can be when the tale told is of humanity.” Read More
Steven Woodruff

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“Campion is an effective and thoughtful storyteller. The cast introductions are clear and important plot points are dependably reenacted. …flashy graphic displays, projections, animations, and its stylish crew of thirteen dancers including Bboys, lockers, capoeiristas, and hip hoppers... ventured beyond the usual realms of street dance…” Read More
Jessica Abrams

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"Antics, led by Amy "Catfox" Campion, filled that bill featuring a dazzlingly diverse and impressive ensemble which took street dance to another level. In excerpts from "Illuminated Manuscript", the dancers performed an archetypal dance of death, with dazzling skill and artistry."

On Other Works

Lewis Segal

Los Angeles Times

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“…reclaim[ing] hip hop… by expanding the idiom’s creative horizons.”
“…showcasing the local hip-hop community in all its multifaceted athleticism…”
“Films [that] introduce new environments for breaking… inventively developed on stage…”
Jessica Koslow

Dance Zine

“A b-girl and capoeirista, the ensemble choreography that Amy “Catfox” Campion creates is extremely athletic across a variety of street dance styles – including hip-hop, locking, popping and house.”
Jessica Koslow

Neon Tommy

”Amy ‘Catfox’ Campion... stands out in her Antics Performance troupe, as she does in any group, as the bad-ass, tiny, hard-rock dynamo who can b-boy with the best of them.  She hides herself in a massive swirl of motion, lost in a blockbuster fight sequence in which the whole overpowers the individuals, who each bring their own unique set of skills to the floor.”
Jennifer Chang

The Worldly

“Talented, sneaker-clad… breakdancers break, pop, and battle in a liberating rebellion…”